He has a crooked smile

The opportunity was upon up.  It was time for my visit to Europe for work.  After, almost two months we would get to spend some time together. We were both excited. The train ride to the capital was uneventful and long.  I arrived and there wasn’t any currency exchange at this small city of 450,000 people. […]

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A little over one month has past by, its been a whirlwind of attention. I like it, so does he. The text messages are still so early in the morning for me. I changed my ringtone to song that he sent. He said it will be “our song”. Now I won’t sleep through his texts. […]

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I reached into my pocket and put all the money I had into the envelope along with some stickers. I’m not sure why I even sent it to him. It took about a week. He was amazed.  He continued to admit his awe over me. First, the ticket and now a few bucks in spending […]

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I reach for my phone.  It’s 02:30. It’s a text message from him. “Ahoj  bestie I got so drunk last night that I think my phone died and idk where is it…….. Adam said he thinks it’s at the bar so I have to go there ….. I’m so sorry babe that I wasn’t here […]

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My Bella

“Oh my gosh!” and “This is unreal.”  That’s what he said, I’ll never forget that he said that in response to my offer to help.  Why is it so hard to believe someone would do something for another and want nothing in return? I never wanted anything. Matter of fact, once the ticket was figured […]

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StarWars Day

As I sat on the couch, wallowing in self-pity I scrolled through Facebook aimlessly like a zombie.  Playing on the tv is the goriest movie on during the month of May.  I recently found my world crumpling down around me.  My best friend of three years just walked out of my life. Reason unknown. My […]

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