He has a crooked smile

The opportunity was upon up.  It was time for my visit to Europe for work.  After, almost two months we would get to spend some time together. We were both excited.

The train ride to the capital was uneventful and long.  I arrived and there wasn’t any currency exchange at this small city of 450,000 people. I struggled with obtaining a taxi, but I managed my way to a local hotel whom, had means to call a rental service.

I drove another three hours through many small villages to arrive in a small town I checked into an hotel about 2am.  The entire trip there he continued to boast my expectation of the visit.  The things he was saying and texts had made my anticipation reach all new levels.

The morning came and he woke me with loving texts of coming to visit. I quickly jumped out of bed  and prepared for his visit.  The time has arrived and the promise of hugs and love he expressed in sharing with me made me shake with fear.

He texted, he is downstairs and to shy to come up. I head down with a wet head, from the shower.  He was so happy to see me. We see each other and hug. I took his hand and lead him upstairs to my room.

The time we actually spent together was short and uneventful. Not what I was expecting, not what I was promised. It didn’t seem awkward or wrong, just lacking.  I feel like it is because he reservations of our age difference. But he claims its not a factor.

I had brought him a few fun things as gifts.  He got a silver necklace, not too expensive and a refurbed Macbook Pro. Of course, he was delighted. Our time ended and we said goodbye until next time. I continued my trip around Europe

While sitting in my hotel room five hours from his home town waiting for the morning  flight back to the US. I get an unusual text from him.  He informs me my ex is texting him via messenger. SIGH! The ex is saying threatening things and scaring him with accusations. I try to settle him down. He will not listen. He will not take my phone calls.  I resort to sending him snapchat videos. He completely freaks out. #youthereI am at a loss for words. This isn’t over not with him or my ex. I reschedule my flight, the next day I grab a rental car and head straight back to his hometown.

That night we met up and took a walk around his neighborhood.  We talked about how my ex can’t hurt him. We talked about us. He was so tall. He was wearing a chief jersey.  His smile was crooked.  His hair was long and blond, sticking out from under his ball cap.  He looked at me like he was looking into my soul. We stopped under a balcony. He said, ” shhh, my mom is up there she can hear us.” We walked back to his apartment door. We said goodbye. I took a few steps away from him and he called out to me.  I turned around and he said, “I love you.” I froze in my tracks. My heart starting beating faster. I looked away.  I took a couple steps and stopped and looked back at him. He was still watching me.  All I was thinking is gosh, what am I going to say back to him.  I looked up at his face, into his eyes and with a lump in my throat I open my mouth not expecting what words would escape and said, “I love you, too.”





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