My Bella

“Oh my gosh!” and “This is unreal.”  That’s what he said, I’ll never forget that he said that in response to my offer to help.  Why is it so hard to believe someone would do something for another and want nothing in return?

I never wanted anything. Matter of fact, once the ticket was figured out I never imagined we would talk again.  Okay, I figured he would feel obligated for like a week, to keep saying thank you.  But after he left for home I thought he would be long gone.

So the date was set.  He would leave the US in two weeks.  Bye, hope everything is so much better for you, now.

But wait, he continues to Facetime me. I find out a few things.  He is living 5 hours from me.  He doesn’t drive, actually I believe his words were, “I’m a bad driver.”  He doesn’t have a phone. His family is poor. And he just wants to go home.  He just wanted to go home.  He is so thankful that he invites me to come watch him play in an hockey tournament not to far from where I live.  I’m intrigued.

I was thinking it will be nice to get out of town. To do something different with a someone not from around here.  I couldn’t wait. Then this is his chance to thank me and it will all vanish. No big deal.  I accept.

That’s the week I started using my snapchat app.  I had it on the phone but never really used it.  Never really had a reason to.  We texted, snapped and Facetime all week. It was nice.  I almost forgot I was supposed to be sad over losing my best friend.  We talked about the visit to the tournament. I was getting excited, just watch him play.  The plans have escalated.  Now, we made plans he would come home from the tournament with me for a visit.  No reason really just because it seemed right.

I arranged for the kids to stay at their friend’s for the weekend.  I packed my bag. I got the truck prepared.  It was all set. I was getting away. YAY!!  Wait, What? The day before, he texts and explains maybe I shouldn’t come become he is going with his previous coach and was told they had some plans to play poker and drink with the team.

This whole relationship being so new and soooo nothing, I never expected he would give me his undivided attention so I told him I understood and would still be delighted to watch him play hockey at least once before he left.  He was never coming back to the US to play in league that has brought him back here now for four years. He aged out.

He was pleased to here I would still come to watch him play.  His reaction, “oh my gosh, you would still come watch me play even if we didn’t hang out?” Heck yeah, my ticket out of this town for a weekend. Oh, and to watch hockey and even better watch him in action. I was enthusiastic to say the least.

Friday afternoon, I was packed and busy getting ready.  I received a text. “Don’t come.”

This should have resonated with me but it didn’t.

What did though is the fact that he was so meticulous in planning all the details in this rendezvous for our get together.  Many texts back and forth planning when we should meet and about going back to my house and how long he could stay before he needed to be back in his town 5 hours away to say good-bye to a lot of people. Then out of the blue he drops it all. WTF!

Then that night…. nothing.  Ah, that’s right no wifi to text or snap.  After the game, there he was at the poker party he spent a lot time texting me…. I wondered two things.  Why did he really not want me to come? Why is he texting me instead of just hanging with the boys?

Looking back now, this is the day I found my Bella.  The one human who frustrates me because I can’t “read” him.  My overwhelming desire to do so keeps me replying to his texts and craving his own responses to mine.



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