StarWars Day

As I sat on the couch, wallowing in self-pity I scrolled through Facebook aimlessly like a zombie.  Playing on the tv is the goriest movie on during the month of May.  I recently found my world crumpling down around me.  My best friend of three years just walked out of my life. Reason unknown.

My Facebook is filled with all kinds of people. Some are high school friends other from elementary.  Lots I know from my business.  Funny thing is most of those Facebook friends I have never met.

My heart filled with sadness I noticed a post from an “unknown friend”.  I clicked on the comments to grasp a better understanding of the cryptic post, “How hard is it to change a airplane ticket?”  Yeah, yeah sounds like a normal post, but seriously it’s not hard so what’s the deal behind this post.  The few comments left me unintrigued.  I shut my laptop and focused on splatters of blood across the screen of the television from the “everyone go away a leave me alone horror movie”.

No shower. No food.  Just curled up in a white down comforter.  I zoned for hours without a thought of anything or anyone.  Staring endlessly towards the television. My eyes drifted to the laptop tucked sideways into the couch cushion.  Suddenly, I found myself thinking about that Facebook status posted by the “unknown friend”.

yep, I opened my laptop went straight to that guys post.  Oh good, more comments.  Hmmm…. still no more information on what exactly happened. Closed laptop and continued on with my uneventful day.  Over the next few hours the “unknown friend” continued to cross my mind, I checked back on his post later that night around midnight. No more helpful comments.

This post, this unimportant post from an “unknown friend” haunted me through out the day, why?  This shouldn’t even be an issue, but it is…  immediately after sending a message to him, he responded.

After a long FaceTime with him, we both knew that something started neither of us could control.  Now its time to figure out what that may be…

This is the first day my life started to make sense.

ADDED THOUGHT- It’s kinda sad when you realize the person you used to tell everything to, now has no idea of what’s happening with your life.


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