Deep down I have my suspicions about why the young, hot hockey player wants to spend his time talking, faceTiming, and texting me.    He spends quite a few hours everyday engaging with me.  I get multiple selfies and constant updates throughout the day and evening. I am loving the attention.  This is exactly what […]

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Bye Bye, Boys

Remember, that we are 5,189 miles away from one another. This relationship, this long distant thing we have going on, is something that you have to have a whole mind set differently than any “normal” relationship.  You can’t just complain or state things that are bothering you as easy as someone you date in you […]

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I grab my phone as our song plays as the text tone, “Good morning, baby” along with a selfie is the “wake up call”.   Our conversation continues, we text back and forth for about hour saying such sweet things to each other. He tells me I’m beautiful and I tell him he’s hot af. […]

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I Support His Choices.

There is a considerable age difference between us. Somehow it works for us. Everything about us seems perfect. I’m interested in what he’s saying and doing and vise versa. I’m learning to trust him. This is hard for me after my past with men. He spends so much time on me I wonder how he […]

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I don’t give because I have much, I give because I know how it feel to have nothing. HMMMMM, that sounds like a good way to start off this blog, but I’m sure at the end, you will think I’m the most gullible person on the planet. So a few months have gone by, my […]


Hockey Boy

Hockey is a life style. I am referring to junior hockey. A lot of boys play hockey since they were small children. They learn to live and breathe hockey. The start to believe they have nothing is their life except hockey.  They lose track that they are just boys playing hockey instead they think they […]

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